THANK YOU! We are the Number One Team in COLORADO – 2021 YTD

I wanted to personally reach-out and thank you for your support. Our team the Be1 team is number one team in the whole state of Colorado. We have surpassed our goal of 200 million sold for the year and will get very close to 250 million sold.

Thank you so much for your trust, support and business. If you ever have any questions about your home, sale or the market I am always here.

Thank you to my past, present and future clients. My business’ lifeline is referrals and I am honored to continue helping all my clients make their housing dreams come true!

If you need any further guidance on buying or selling a property in Colorado, contact the office of David DiPetro today at (303) 257-5813!

Have a great end to your year and stay well!

With Love,